John, Jo-Ann, and Michael Lapointe are proud to Welcome you to our 30th Anniversary
in business since May 1983 here at the Beau Rivage (french-meaning ‘beautiful seashore’).

It  has been a family favorite vacation destination with both Canadian and American Tourists who visit us here in  Old Orchard Beach!

The advent of the automobile changed long-distance travel and gave birth to ‘Motels’ and by the 60’s, owner-operated motels became the ‘wave of the future’.  John’s parents, Armand and Lena, moved to Old Orchard Beach from Lewiston, Maine, purchased and tore down old buildings, then built and operated the Beau Rivage from 1966 to 1983, alongside raising a family while working hands-on in every aspect of their business:  they were a part of that wave!

We purchased 45 units in 1983 from John’s parents after they semi-retired and have since grown to 65 units over our 30 years as we bought, sold rehabilitated, and modernized our buildings and amenities with the addition of our Greenhouse/Hot Tub/Sauna/Heated Pool and BBQ’s, and in 2013, our most current acquisition of a 3-apartment complex on Milliken Street recently purchased from the (late) Armand Lapointe’s Estate (Armand passed away on May 15, 2012).

Living and growing up in a ‘Mom and Pop’ business at the Beach was a kid’s dream for our son Mike.  Imagine an Amusement Park down the street to entertain friends and cousins on their frequent visits. Forming a local rock band was a natural progression in the ‘big’ picture.

After 30 years in business - our goal remains the same:  to offer guests clean and comfortable lodging, keep prices reasonable, and to have a friendly staff that treat our guests as ‘family’, and to hopefully make your vacation a memorable one at the Beau Rivage!

We thank you for your interest in our family history and for your continued patronage. 


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