Our family, John, JoAnn and Mike Lapointe,  welcomes you to the Beau Rivage! 

We purchased the Motel in 1983 from John's parents, Armand & Lena Lapointe, who had built and operated the Motel hands-on since 1966.

When we say 'operated' - we mean literally!  Lena, between raising three children at the Motel, would wrap up her evenings in the laundry room while Armand would perform the maintenance and preparations for the season himself, right up until the first wave of renters would arrive. He would change hats to rent rooms on St. Jean's day.  When people would call to book ahead, he'd say 'no reservations needed - just come 'on in and I'll find you a place'!

While we ( John, JoAnn and Mike) lived in the Old Orchard Beach area most of our lives, we found ourselves missing Maine and missing the Beach after working in Austin, Texas back in the early 80's.  Mike was 3 years old when we moved back to OOB to purchase the Beau Rivage from John's parents who were nearly ready to retire.

First thing on our agenda was to modernize "The Beau" with new amenities and we lost no time building the Greenhouse with Hot Tub and Sauna immediately that Fall.  This trend of improvements has continued through today where our goal is to improve our property each year.  Our newest feature is our new BBQ area "Out Back"

Our idea of running a Motel hasn't changed in 27 years:  offer the guests clean and comfortable rooms, keep the prices reasonable and have a friendly staff on board that treat our guests as family...

These are the essentials that we strive for season after season to make your vacation a memorable one at
the Beau Rivage!

We thank you for your interest in our family history and for your continued patronage.


The Beau Rivage Motel - 54 East Grand Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064
Toll Free (800) 939-4668