Go Green!

The Beau Rivage is making efforts to help preserve our area's natural assets as our part to go Green.  We conserve energy by converting to updated energy efficient light bulbs which last longer and use less energy per hour,  by reducing chemical product usage and replacing products with green alternatives in our day-to-day activies, as well as practicing green 'yardscaping' in our new 'out-back' BBQ area and with other landscaping projects 

We ask our environmentally minded guests  to do their part while on vacation at the Beau Rivage  by respecting our NO SMOKING IN ROOMS POLICY, reuse towels whenever possible, conserve water, turning off lights when leaving your room, and other energy saving techniques.  It is our world, after all, and we need to do everything we can to curtail global warming for the sake of the ‘end users’:  our children, animals, insects, the environment, and  future generations!  Drink the best in local water, Poland Spring Water and Attention KIDS! CHECK OUT THE COOL GAMES by visiting Poland Springs Aquapod!

Recreational Trails

When you are visiting our area and want to enjoy our natural environment, take a walk with your family along one of the newly built Recreational Trails built by the Maine Department of Conservation Program! Designed for walkers, bicyclists, even those pushing strollers,  EASTERN TRAILS, when complete, will eventually become a 55-mile off-road trail from South Portland to Kittery.

Miles of the ET in South Portland and Scarborough are already complete, including one which begins in Old Orchard Beach and cuts through the Scarborough Marsh Nature Center complete with bridges over tidal areas. More information about the Eastern Trail can be found at www.easterntrail.org.

Information about the Scarborough Marsh Nature Center which offers Canoe rentals, Exhibits, etc. can be found at: http://www.scarboroughmaine.com/marsh/events.shtml.

Saco Bay Trails - A series of walking and bike trails in Biddeford, Saco, and Ocean Park, including the Cascade Waterfalls Trail.

Eco-friendly Activities

BARE KNEE POINT KAYAKS RENTALS  is a great way to appreciate what the Saco River has to offer.  Located only 4 miles from the Beau Rivage Motel, families can enjoy a few hours or a full day kayaking the River or along its banks and marshes. www.barekneepointkayak.com   
Call for reservations:  (207) 283-4455 
45 Camp Ellis Ave,  Saco, ME  .  Get Directions

FERRY BEACH ECOLOGY SCHOOL  (www.fbes.org) Ecology Education, Inc.  Ecology Education, Inc. is a non-profit established in 1998 which operates Ferry Beach Ecology School in Saco, Maine, and publishes Ecology curriculum such as The ABCs of Ecology: An Illustrator's Guide to Learning Outside. For more information about EEI, please contact Executive Director, Drew Dumsch at drew@fbes.org or call him at 207-283-9951.

WOOD ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE offers a very special environmental opportunity for those avid naturalists.  Wood Island is a 35-acre uninhabited island sitting at the mouth of the Saco River just off the coast of Biddeford, Maine. The island hosts a wide variety of birds and is the nesting site for hundreds of seagulls, common eiders and other birds. It is an important stop on the Eastern Seaboard migratory Flyway.

The Audubon Society manages almost 30 acres as a bird sanctuary.  The lighthouse, standing on the eastern seaward point of the island, is a picturesque structure consisting of a two-story keeper's house connected to the 42-foot stone tower by an enclosed passageway.  The lighthouse is closed to the public, but the Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse began to give tours to small groups in the summer of 2004 making it possible for visitors to see the interior and to learn about the lifestyle of the keepers and their lifesaving heroics. Check their website for 2009 Summer Tours Info and their Fundraising campaign to finance the restoration effort of this very special place.  http://woodislandlighthouse.org/.


Did you know that approximately 97.5% of the Earth’s water is seawater, and no more than about 2.5% is fresh water, and most fresh water is held in glaciers, icebergs, and underground reservoirs?  Water that can be used easily by humans, such as that in rivers and lakes, accounts for just 0.1% of the total!  Meanwhile, the global population topped 6 billion in 2000 and is expected to reach 8 billion by 2025, of which 3.5 billion are likely to face water shortages.  An important component of the solution to this growing problem is desalination, but it is an expensive solution.....More reason to conserve water and to keep our water and beach clean !!!



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